Bullying prevention training: New resource from stopbullying.gov

Are you looking to raise awareness in your community about bullying prevention and need some research-based resources? Then check out the Community Action Planning link on the excellent stopbullying.gov website. Here you will find an informative presentation with suggested talking points. The presentation covers many important issues: definitions of bullying; the many forms of bullying; ten key findings about bullying; best practices in bullying prevention and response; misdirections in bullying prevention and response; helpful case studies; action planning and group brainstorming ideas; next steps – putting what you have learned into practice; and feedback information. You can also download a Community Action Toolkit which includes a landscape assessment, a template community event agenda, a guide to mobilizing communities, cautionary notes about bullying and suicide, funding ideas, and more.  Finally, and importantly, you can listen to Dr. Catherine Bradshaw, one of the leading researchers in the field, discuss approaches to avoid in bullying prevention.

This is a first-class resource and we urge you to take the time to check out the materials and use them in your own bullying prevention efforts.

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