Stopping digital abuse: MTV’s new resource for grown ups

We have featured MTV’s A Thin Line campaign before on this blog (see here).  Now MTV has produced a new resource to help grown ups (parents and educators) use A Thin Line to “open up a conversation on digital abuse, test awareness, and help encourage action on the issue at home or in school.”  Let’s check it out …

Resources for Grown Ups provides direction and resources to help with the following:

  • Starting a conversation … MTV points you to the areas of A Thin Line which “lend themselves to conversation and debate” and provides links to some cool public service announcements
  • Assessing their digital know how … by encouraging young people to take an interactive quiz 
  • Encouraging action … help young people interact with Draw Your Line and “show them ways to take control and connect to resources”
  • Connecting to additional resources … links to more resources, including some of our favorites, such as Common Sense Media, Connect Safely, and iKeepSafe.

Our Editorial: This is a great resource for helping bring young people and adults together to discuss the issue of digital abuse.  We know that young people often feel that adults “don’t get it.”  As a result, youth are reluctant to share with adults the challenges they face in their online/offline lives.  This new resource can assist in changing that dynamic because it helps get adults and youth on the “same page” and encourages meaningful interaction between the generations in a way that is sure to resonate with both youth and grown ups.


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