Is Facebook good or bad for teenagers? Here’s your chance to weigh in

Wed, Jul 20, 2011

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Nowadays, almost everyone you ask seems to have an opinion on whether or not Facebook is a positive or negative feature of young people’s lives.  Teens, parents, grandparents, educators, school administrators, and more all weigh in with different perspectives.  But what do YOU think?  Is Facebook a “force for good or ill in kids’ lives?”  Here’s a great opportunity for your voice to be heard. Emily Bazelon and Katie Henderson of Slate Magazine are asking for “your thoughts and opinions” via an anonymous survey or by emailing them at  They particularly want to hear from parents, school staff, and teens.  Do you view teenagers’ use of Facebook through a “lens of risk,” or do you see it as “a useful social tool for teens, allowing them to strengthen their existing friendships, connect with kids with common interests who they might not otherwise meet, and express themselves with newfound creativity”?  We encourage you to take the time to complete this short survey and let Emily and Katie know what YOU think. 

Our Editorial: We think that this is a wonderful opportunity not only to have your voice heard online, but also to begin a face-to-face discussion with teens in your own life about what they think about Facebook.  Is Facebook a force for good or ill in kid’s lives?  That’s a great question to ask at the dinner table tonight, or next time you are together with teenagers.  Why not ask them to participate in the survey, too?  Or perhaps even look at the questions together – they are great conversation starters.  After all, Facebook is a part of many young people’s lives and we need to know what they think about that.  Thanks to Emily and Katie at Slate for providing this opportunity to broaden and deepen our understanding.  If you want to read more of Emily’s work, check out our earlier blog here (scroll to the end to link to her informative piece about Phoebe Prince.)

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