The True Prevalence of “Sexting”: A Useful Factsheet

Are you confused about sexting – what it is, who’s doing it, and how often?  Are you trying to make sense of the various studies and work out what information is accurate when the results often vary widely?  Then look no further … some of the top experts in the field – Kaitlin Lounsbury, Kimberly J. Mitchell, and David Finkelhor at the Crimes Against Children Research Center – have already done this for you and produced a 4-page factsheet which “presents and critiques the findings of recent studies.”  The True Prevalence of “Sexting” factsheet provides a definition of sexting, delineates a core concern, and then gives an “overview of the most widely-cited studies, along with their strengths and weaknesses.”  The authors also present a number of suggestions to future researchers and to journalists wishing to cite statistics on sexting.

Our Editorial: This fact sheet is a valuable tool for those wishing to make sense of the research on sexting and provides useful suggestions for how to report statistics on this important issue.  See also our earlier blog on Sexting: A Typology.

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