Want a 30 second clip about digital harassment to catch the attention of your students?

Then check out this short but powerful clip entitled Tattoo from A Thin Line (see our earlier blogs on this website by clicking here and here).  We think this is a great short piece to show to students to begin discussions about cyberbullying/digital harassment.  Perhaps one of the first questions might be to ask them, ”In your opinion, is this clip an effective message about cyberbullying?”, and take the time to listen to their responses.  To be memorable and effective, a message must resonate with the target audience; if it does not, then the message is lost.  Adults must work with young people to ensure that the messages being created by adults about the issue of cyberbullying/digital harassment are meaningful and relevant to youth.  We think that a Thin Line does a great job in this regard.  What are your thoughts?

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