Useful Advice about How Effective Parents Communicate with a School about Bullying

Here is some useful, first-hand advice from Brian Gatens, a Principal of Harrington Park School, Harrington Park, NJ.  As a guest blogger on Rachel Simmons’ website, Brian shares the “best practices” of parents he has worked with over the last eighteen years.  He suggests that “when parents practice the principles below, it very often leads to appropriate and satisfying resolutions to the family’s problem.”   That sounds like something we all want.  Let’s check out what he has to say.

Brian provides four thoughtful and concise principles as headlined below:

1.  Be Emotionful (o.k., it’s not really a word) but not Emotional;

2.  Show Perspective;

3.  Communicate with Others; and

4.  Partner with the School.

Also check out his own blog about How Parents Obstruct a School’s Anti-Bullying Intervention.

Our Editorial:  Sage advice indeed from someone on the front lines of the school system.  Thanks, Brian (and Rachel) for providing this useful advice for parents trying to connect and communicate effectively with schools about the important issue of bullying.

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