Commonsense Media FREE Elementary Curriculum (Digital Literacy and Citizenship) now available

Wed, Nov 24, 2010

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Commonsense Media has just added a digital literacy and citizenship curriculum for 4th and 5th grade students to its already impressive set of FREE materials.  Acknowledging that digital literacy and citizenship needs to start early, Commonsense Media has created a curriclum which is “uniquely designed for elementary and middle school students.”  

As noted on the Curriculum in a Nutshell page, “Lesson activities range from low-tech options, such as discussion and paper-based worksheets, to media-rich videos and Internet-based activities. These materials can also be used in informal learning environments, such as after-school programs and community centers, libraries, and museums. Also included are end-of-lesson questions and guidelines that offer authentic assessment opportunities to monitor your students’ progress.” 

One of the things we love and appreciate about the Commonsense Media materials is that they ”celebrate the power of the Internet and other digital media while teaching students to avoid the potential perils of digital life.”  Furthermore, they are grounded in research (based on the work of Howard Gardner and the GoodPlay Project at the Harvard Graduate School of Education), and emphasize 21st century skill building - critical thinking, ethical discussion, and decision making – while using case studies and real-life scenarios which young people will find engaging, meaningful, and relevant to their lives.

This new curriculum is divided into three strands: Safety and Security; Digital Citizenship; and Research and Information Literacy.  Take the time to check out this curriculum (and the rest of the Commonsense Media website) - it really is first class!  Thanks, Commonsense Media, for providing such great free resources.

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