Internet Safety: Here’s How “Activity Cards”

Tue, Aug 10, 2010

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Following on from our blog yesterday about parents in Australia indicating their preference for Internet safety resources which are accessible, easy to use and are able to be retrieved quickly and easily when required, check out these downloadable  ”Actitivity Cards” which “give useful information on how to enjoy the opportunities to the full whilst avoiding any pitfalls.”

The “Activity Cards” can be found on the Next Generation Learning website, the section which deals with Internet Safety.  There is a set of 5 “Here’s How” cards covering the following areas:

  1. Evaluate Information Online (Who owns the website?; Is the information correct?; Have you compared it?; Facts or opinions?; Who do you trust?)
  2. Make the Most of Online Communities (Chat; IM; Message Boards, blogs, and wikis; Social learning networks; Virtual worlds; and Cyberbullying)
  3. Help Your Child Use the Internet Responsibly (Get wise, talk to your children; Start by being safe; Set some rules; Guard private information; Report abuse)
  4. Teach Your Child to Use Online Content Responsibly (Doing homework; Picture this; Downloading and sharing)
  5. Search Smartly for Information (Got an address? Use it; Choose a search engine; Know what to ask; Narrow your search; Choose your country; Keep a track of good sites)

Each card is easy to access (downloaded as a pdf file).  The information contained on each card is well-presented, clear, easy-to-understand, brief and to the point.  A number of the cards provide ideas for “Things to do together,” while others provide links to other helpful sites.

Our Editorial: While it is unlikely that these cards are going to provide a “silver bullet quick fix solution” for any of the challenges which the cards address, we do appreciate that they can be a useful “tool” for parents and children/young people to use together to spark conversations and encourage activities around the important topic of online safety and digital citizenship.  We also appreciate that in today’s world when many parents/caregivers simply do not have the time to spend in searching for up-to-date, relevant information about these topics, these cards provide helpful information in a format which adults find appealing and useful.

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