Cyber-Secure Schools: Latest Materials from Nancy Willard

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  Nancy Willard, Executive Director of the CSRIU, has done it again and produced another very timely book (downloadable) and revised her existing materials on the subject of …

Cyber Secure Schools in a Web 2.0 World (book) and Cyberbullying, Cyberthreats & Sexting (presentation/handouts). These materials can be downloaded from her website.

As noted on the site, Cyber-Secure Schools in a Web 2.0 World is a downloadable book that focuses on three critical issues for schools: Creating Change in Technology Adoption. Effective Internet Use Management. Web 2.0 in Schools Legal Issues. Cyber-Secure Schools in a Web 2.0 World also contains extensive templates (in Word) for District Internet Use Policies, Regulations, and a Student Agreement that incorporate the provisions necessary to address the challenges of managing Web 2.0 interactive technologies in schools and to allow the educational and professional use of these technologies to flourish.

Cyberbullying, Cyberthreats & Sexting is an approximately 2 hour professional development video presentation, with 30 page presentation notes, for principals, school counselors and psychologists, school resource officers, and educational technology personnel that addresses the concerns related to student online use that are most likely to directly impact schools ~ cyberbullying, cyberthrests, and sexting. This presentation presents research on the issues, addresses legal issues, and provides guidance on effective investigation and intervention and a comprehensive prevention approach.

Additionally, Cyber Savvy Teachers is an approximately 2 hour professional development presentation, with 29 page presentation notes, that will provide teachers will a comprehensive research-based understanding of all aspects of digital media safety and responsibility. This presentation will prepare teachers to effectively teach these subjects using the student handout materials from CSRIU or any other research-based Internet safety curriculum. Additional resources, including a Scope and Sequence of Instructional Objectives and student handouts, are freely available below.

For more resources on cyberbullying, check out this section of the CSRIU website, and click here for additional articles.  Don’t forget to check out her previous book, Cyber-Safe Kids, Cyber-Savvy Teens.

Our Editorial: We believe these very timely, none ”fear-based” approach, resources are invaluable tools for educators trying to keep pace with these fast-changing topics.  Utilizing these much-needed tools will help educators and other interested parties stay on the cutting-edge of online safety and digital citizenship while embracing 21st century learning environments.  Bravo, Ms. Willard.  We applaud your contributions in this field.

For more information on the topic of sexting, see our blogs on Sexting Legislation Update, Sexting: What is it?, and Digital Safety Legal Issues.

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